Nuit de la Glisse


You never plan to spend your life chasing the elements, watching changes to the sky or the swell… you never think that you would travel across the world searching for a wave, a line or a perfect moment…
But once you experience the joy that this lifestyle brings, you will always be drawn to the natural world – like a magnet… in the hope that it never ends.


Production: Thierry Donard Films
Co-production: Neox Films, TDF Ana Karina Albarran
Director: Thierry Donard
Associate producers: Morgane Favret, Corentin Serf

DOP New Zealand and Scotland: Olivier Sautet
DOP Pakistan: Alexis Blaise
DOP Nazaré, Chamonix and Tarifa: Matias Myklebust

Camera operators:
Alexis Blaise, Jean-Remy Ceron, Tamatoa Cowan, Thierry Donard, Mateffy Istevan, Matias Myklebust, Tom Pruvost, Soren Rickards, Humberto Santos, Olivier Sautet
Drone operators:
Jean-Marc Favre, Mike Gandouin, Hensli Sage, Alan Smithee, Joao Vidhinha, Yannick Yvonnet
Film editors:
Christophe Fauchére, Alexis Blaise, Arthur Boulégue, Olivier Sautet, Antoine Villiers

All right reserved Nuit de la Glisse 2019